Programs and Tuition
Director: Beth Buckmir

Assistant Director: Alice Chueka

2600 Main St., Stratford, CT 06615
203-386-1818 or email

  • Caring Staff

  • Safe Environment

  • Bright Beautiful Rooms

  • Air Conditioning

  • Large indoor gym & playground

  • First aid, CPR certified, Med Trained

2020  Full Day Program:
7am to 5:30 pm

COVID-19 Hours 7:30 to 5:00 pm

[COVID protocols followed include, but not limited to masks worn by children 3 and over, handwashing upon arrival, temperature checks, upon arrival and twice per day.  Children's shoes and belongings wiped down before entering a classroom.  All adults must wear a face mask while in the building. Increased cleaning and disinfecting throughout the day.

Maximum of 9 hour per day

Infants-6 weeks – 3 years old - $315 weekly

3-5 years old:

5 Days - $265 weekly

Extended hours (more than 9 hours)
      $15.00 more per day***
*** Must be enrolled at registration for this extended day option

We also have a distance learning classroom from 5 years to 12 years of age for $220 for a 5 day week.

Payable at registration
1st week payment and
1 week security deposit plus a
$75 registration fee.


Thank you for considering our school. For over 50 years,  S.U.M.C. Preschool has served the community as one of the finest early childhood programs in our area. The success of our program is due to our recognized teaching philosophy. We know that a positive first experience is fundamental in preparing children for all future experiences.

Our objective is to develop a strong sense of self-esteem, and to instill a positive attitude towards learning in our young children.  In a safe nurturing, atmosphere we have designed a rich learning environment that allows your child to develop social, emotional, cognitive and physical skills at his/her own rate. Our caring staff provides individual attention to assure feelings of security and a sense of belonging.


Our Staff of well-qualified, loving teachers have extensive experience in early childhood care. We regularly participate in current educational workshops and courses to maintain our high quality standards. All teachers are  certified in CPR, First Aid and medication dispensing.

Our Curriculum offers experiences in all area of childhood Development. We promote positive social skills and language development through adult and peer interaction. Children are exposed to math and science concepts through a combination of natural, informal and structured experiences. We follow Connecticut Early Learning and Development Standards.  Computers are in all the classrooms and are available for the children to use on  a daily basis. Through dramatic play, we encourage self-expression and emotional  awareness that leads to self-management skills.

We provide educational toys for all levels of intellectual development. And we offer a wide variety of artistic activities are that foster exploration and experimentation, thus enhancing their creative abilities.

We introduce letter, number, shape and color concepts through developmentally appropriate methods  to each age group of the children as they  are ready. Our  children participate in group activities such as, music, interpretive dance, finger plays, storytelling, flannel boards and they even write their own book.  Each day is filled with fun,  and exciting hands-on activities created to help stimulate your child's natural curiosity. Our teachers work carefully to help your child discover how the world works and how they can find their important place in it.      


Our spacious outdoor play area allows for further social interaction, nature study and development of gross motor skills and coordination. Outdoor play is encouraged every day, weather permitting, even in the winter. Children have a choice of climbing on our large wooden boat that is equipped for high adventure imaginary play, a slide for a quick escape and a fireman's pole to the lower level where one can rest or hideaway. swings, sandbox, another climber, and various other toys are available to round out the outdoor experience. All outdoor play is contained in a safe, fenced play yard. We also have a spacious indoor gym for active play when weather prohibits going outdoors.

Parent Involvement is an important part of our curriculum. We welcome and encourage the talents of parents to help us keep our program strong interesting, and one that will benefit the children in all aspects of development. Parent readers, cooks, and classroom helpers are just a few ways you  can become involved in your child's education. An open door policy is in place to enable parents to visit their child's class anytime.  (during COVID parental visitors are not permitted)

Yearly social events which feature special days are other ways we enhance your child's preschool experience. For example: Polar Express Day, Thanksgiving Feast, Easter Egg Hunt, and End-of-Year event.