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Affordable Housing Partnership proposal
Forward Together


The Building Committee has been exploring the long-term viability of our church property.  We are currently considering a proposal to partner with Connecticut Housing Partners (CHP), aka Mutual Housing of Southwestern Connecticut, a non-profit developer of affordable housing.


This endeavor is a direct response to SUMC Strategy Round Tables held between May and September 2023, and the decision made to maintain the Church at the 2600 Main Street address.   We have also considered critical demographic and financial considerations, such as a declining congregation, a 2023 operating deficit of $75,000, and the pressing need for at least $400,000 in deferred maintenance.


As members of the church building committee, we see a strong alignment between the goals of our congregation and the mission of CHP.  This partnership presents an unprecedented opportunity for us to not only make a positive impact in Stratford, but also work towards our own long-term viability.


Such an undertaking, of course, would depend on the approval of the congregation as a whole and of the NYAC district Buildings and Location Committee, and there are a myriad aspects and details that must be considered.


For an in-depth look at the project, please refer to the PowerPoint presentation below. This is an exciting moment in our church's history and are eager to embarking on this journey of compassion and service together.


Jack Boynton

Chairman, SUMC Church Building Committee

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