September 2018

September Prayer

The leisure time of summer is coming to a close and the days are getting shorter. Let us thank God for this time as we now get ready for the fall season.

It will soon be time to enjoy the crisp air and the trees as they begin showing their beautiful fall colors. The flowers will be getting ready for the long winter sleep and we can look forward to coming of the holiday seasons.

May we appreciate all that God has provided for us and reflect on what needs we may have and realize that needs are important but that the wants that the media tell us we need are not necessary to our wellbeing.

Let us help others when possible, it could be just a smile, or helping with a small chore, sometime it is just listening and hearing that can help. A kind word can be really special and does not cost anything.

Leave judgments to God, we do not know what paths others have had to walk, or what they have had to endure.

May this fall season be a blessing for you and bring you joy.


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